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Create your own dungeon
Not only leather, we can offer you all the material you need: iron, wood, upholstery...
We work with traditional materials
Leather and metal are the base. We also use polycarbonate and carbon fiber in some jobs.
Anything you imagine
Bring out your perverse side, you don't scare us.
Always thinking about safety
Because you suffer better when you are safe and comfortable.
Without limits
You put the limits. Imagine and we create it.
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Piel natural
Just natural materials

Natural leather, the basis of everything we do.

Always vegetable-tanned leather from cattle, sheep, goats and pigs, depending on the work, of EU origin and with water-based dyeing treatments. We never use synthetic fur or similar, there are a thousand places to look for that.

Vegetable tanned leather from the EU


Metal accessories made in the EU

We also use synthetic materials to make up for some of the shortcomings of natural materials: carbon fiber to provide rigidity without weight, foamed polyethylene for moisture-free fillings and MDF for supports. We do not use other plastic or synthetic materials.

This is not a Shop

Why is there no cart?

We treat our work with all the care possible and we consider ourselves, each in our role, artisans. In a few months there may be a store, but the objective is not to sell products but to offer hopes and make ideas and dreams come true.

Explicanos tu idea
Describe us your idea
Tell us what your idea is. You have multiple means of contact: telephone, WhatsApp, email, form. We will answer you quickly.
Fabricamos tu idea
We make it happen
If your idea is viable, we will give it shape, deadline and cost to be able to manufacture it in the shortest time possible.
Disfrutas tu idea
You enjoy it for a long time
You will receive a unique piece, made completely by hand, that you can enjoy for a long time. You will repeat, don't doubt it.
Ojos vendados
Blind trust?

Safety First, xD

All of our products are not only safe but have been prototyped and tested by ourselves. We never do anything that we wouldn't be able to use or that we don't know how to work.

It may seem obvious but it is not. Our peace of mind depends on this: before delivering a job, a prototype is made, tested and verified until we are absolutely sure that it does everything it has to do and does not cause more damage than expected.

We do not ask you to blindly trust what we do, just that you know that we not only trust but have submitted to its “normal” use. From the “normal” concept, things are your responsibility.

And most of what we do can cause harm, be responsible with its use as much as we are when giving you safety instructions.

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Tell us your ideas

Our latest works

This is what we do

Here we are collecting some of our works. Not all of them are there because some of them are so personal that most of them cannot be shown, but we will show those that can be shown.

    Property collar

      Custom Necklace

      An example of a necklace with personalization. It is not a "sellable" product, it is just a sample of what
        Head arness

          Head harness

          Harness with multiple accessories to keep the victim's head safe, from a quiet mouth to a wide open one,
            Hanging metal bars

              Lifting bars

              Simple but safe bars to climb to heights. Made of 15 mm and 2 mm thick square steel tube. No drilling to
                Bamboo cane

                  Bamboo canes

                  For those who are both lovers of spanking with canes and strong emotions, this is one of the most intense
                    Inmoviliacion base

                      Basic immobilization

                      Simple handcuffs, anklets and thigh guards for initiation or hard use, it depends on the different options
                        Manopla pinchos

                          Spiked mitten

                          Leather mitten with a 2 or 5 mm spiked face. Stainless steel and wrist strap. For spanking or "caressing."

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                          In the short term

                          We are working on...

                          Aside from private commissions, we also have designs already in progress that will see the light sooner rather than later, here are some examples:

                          Muñequeras acolchadas premium
                          Premium Restrictions
                          Equipos de metal
                          Metal accessories
                          Arnés de cabeza
                          Head harness
                          Full body leather open sling
                          Open sling

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                          Team MundoFetish