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Head harness

Head arness

Honestly… I have had several harnesses in my life and they all suffered from some defect: if the strap fell off the head, if it didn’t fit well, if the ball was very uncomfortable… In short, I have made one to my liking .

I don’t really know what to say about this accessory, I can only say that it is “interesting.” It remains well secured no matter how you move it and, of course, it has an interesting ring on the crown for alternative fixings.

It incorporates a nose hook that can be easily mounted and removed thanks to a clasp, and its two 45 mm rings on the cheeks make it possible to combine accessories for the mouth and other types of straps to “play” “ponies and ponies” .

At the moment I have made five accessories for the mouth but not because the set is like that, the “thing” is assembled with the one or more ones you want:

  • hard rubber ball
  • Soft leather teether
  • Steel ring covered in leather
  • Mask with inner mini-penis
  • Mask with external penis and internal mini-penis

All of them are assembled with two very resistant clasps and that allows any other possible design to be made.

Head arness

Pain Factor




  • Natural eather
  • Iron + brass findings
  • Stainless steel (nose)
  • Plastic accessories (penis)

Available colours

  • Black


Susceptible to some customization on the teethers.

Delivery time

Approx. 4 weeks

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