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Leather Ankle Hanger

Ankle Hanger - Colgador de Tobillos

Another classic of BDSM furniture with which we have tried to get away from the “usual”.

Made with a 4 mm bovine base. with 50 mm cow full grain ribbons, thin leather pillows filled with foamed polyethylene (so as not to accumulate moisture), 4 mm body by 12 mm head rivets and welded pegs of 50 mm x 7 mm thread. Total breaking load of the assembly approximately 500 kg (according to minimum specifications of the parts).

The set can be supplied with an upper bar with double attachment (1.5 mm black lacquered square tube with welded rings, not the one in the test images).

Ankle Hanger - Colgador de Tobillos

The particularity of this device is that it protects both the heel and the instep, making the weight distributed evenly on the leg and, as a consequence, not causing discomfort beyond the fact of the position.

It resists any manipulation or play (except placing blacksmith anvils on the victim) and its only “disadvantage” is that it is quite difficult to walk in an upright position, a problem that we have solved by placing a ribbon with a clasp to raise the pikes when walking (advantages to personally try what is manufactured – you can see it in one of the images).

It is essential to help the victim put it on and even more essential that the fixation straps are completely tight (don’t worry, the padding prevents from being cut off circulation due to the tightening).

Rest assured that it is an instrument that will not break no matter how much you use it, that will last a long time and with the security and confidence of everything we do.

Pain Factor




  • Full grain leather
  • Lamb leather
  • Foamed polyethylene (pads)
  • Iron + brass findings

Available colours

  • Black
  • Color of the pads


Stamped name on base

Delivery time

Approx. 4 weeks

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